what is full form of LCD

Updated : Sep 19, 2019 in Electronic

What is Full form of LCD | LCD Full Form

Are you Looking Full form of LCD ? am sure you know about LCD more things but in this article you will know important things about LCD. LCD is little bit Different from LED. Below you can understand the Stand for of LCD

Full Form Of LCD

LCD Full form Is Liquid Crystal Display  It’s Flat panel display technology which is normally used Mobile/Tablets, Tv , Computer/Laptop LCD. If you are from 90th then you know very Well CRT Monitor this is very electricity consume and Eyes Damage. But After LCD Introduced Work and Entertainment is very lite on Devices.

Who Invented LCD ?

Accroding to Wikipedia In 1964, George H. Heilmeier, Is Man of who invented LCD

What’s the difference between LCD and LED?

LCD : –  LCD Full form is Liquid Crystal Display In which it uses the light modulating properties of the liquid crystal to prevent or pass its screen light. Each of them produces a small piece of crystal image. When all the crystals present in it combine , we see a Large image. Crystals are also Normally called pixels. It consumes less Electricity as compared to normal TV.

LED: – LED Full formLight Emitting Diode“. LCD and LED look like same but there process is different. Instead of illuminating with a fluorescent bulb, they light with diodes that remove light. Even though these bulbs are comparatively small but they are more efficient than fluorescent bulbs. LED Picture Quality is good more than LCD

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