LED Full Form

Updated : Sep 18, 2019 in Electronic

LED Full Form | Full Form of LED

LED Full Form? Guys if you looking about LED Full-Form then your welcome on this portal. Here you will get Every Short word stand for

What is Full Form of LED

LED Full form "Light Emitting Diode". This is very latest and very good Invention in the Electronic World. We don't Explain this in Science Word. But We will tell you about good information you should Know

Who is Invented LED

First of LED introduced by the British experimenter H. J. Round Of Marconi Labs in 1907.  The first Red LED in 1962 was Nick Holonyak and Jr. Was invented while working at General Electric. More...

Benefit Of LED 

  • First of All, they look very Beautiful. They have multicolored. We normally use them on Diwali or Other Occasion.
  • LED Activity timing is Less than 1 Nano Second during Switch ON/OFF
  • They consume Low Electricity other Bulb or Screen Device.
  • LED lamps are very energy efficient & long lasting.
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